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Architectural Doors

Are you looking for a high quality, custom timber door that has the “wow” factor? The Windoor range of architectural doors might be the solution for you.

With over 30 years’ experience in crafting, designing and manufacturing decorative, daring, distinctive and durable architectural doors, you can be sure that the team at Windoor can create the perfect door solution for your home or business.


Why Choose Windoor Architectural Doors?

To create our extravagant timber doors in Sydney, our technical staff work closely with designers, architects and builders to ensure the end product isn’t just spectacular to look at, but also durable, safe and the right fit for your home or businesses’ individual needs.

While we do have a range of doors in our showroom to get your creative juices flowing, we can also directly work with you and an architect to turn your own idea into a reality.

Whether it’s a spectacular entry door, or you’re looking for a few bespoke pieces to enhance the elegance of your home or business, we can create a piece you will be proud of.


Need Some Inspiration?

When it comes to designing your door, there are so many designs and ideas out there to choose from. Our product range is unlimited – the possibilities are only limited by your imagination!
However, here are some of the technical terms for popular designs you can incorporate to create your very own classy custom architectural door.

The below examples are pivot doors, which swing on a point, top and bottom, rather than on a hinge.

V Joint Grande: This is a popular design, as it is basic yet still has a touch of sophistication. The Grande doors are significantly wider in size than your average entry door, with the V Joint refers to the V-grooved panels on the solid timber door.

V Joint Grande with Glass: This type of door is the same as above,but features a glass panel on the right hand side of the door to give the door a more stylish feel. As per our timber quality, any glass used in our designs is of a high standard.

Pyramid Grande: The Pyramid design refers to the classic, beautifully crafted “pyramid” shape that is etched onto these doors, giving them a sense of timeless style and character.

Zebra Grande: It’s the classy glass panels that give this door its name; a beautiful wood door with glass panels running horizontally down the centre of the door to catch the attention of you and anyone who comes to visit!

See our visual Tech Sheet

This is just to name a few, as the choices are endless!

If you’re looking for that statement piece for your home or business that is durable, fire resistant, and crafted to suit your individual needs, contact Sydney’s custom door experts: Windoor, today!

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