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How Can Bi-Fold Windows Add Value To Your Home?

For those of us who are proud of our gardens, have incredible views around our property or just enjoy having air flow through our homes, bi-fold windows can be a great choice.

Recent years have seen a rise in the popularity of bi-fold windows, with more and more people taking advantage of the window type. Bi-fold windows open up and push the panels off to the side, allowing for uninterrupted views and great airflow.

So what are the benefits of bi-fold windows and how can they add value to your home?

Modern Appearance

Bi-fold windows are a great way to add to or enhance the already modern look of your home, with aesthetically pleasing features that are versatile and can be customised to your home’s look and to your individual needs.

For those who do a lot of entertaining in their outdoor space, bi-fold windows installed between the kitchen and outdoors can act as a servery as well.

Timber bi-fold windows provide a stylish look to both the inside and outside of your home, with clean lines and a concertina fold that seamlessly integrate your indoor and outdoor spaces.

At Windoor, we recommend timber bi-fold windows, as timber has a range of benefits, including lower energy bills for your home, natural insulation, higher resilience to the elements and being a natural, sustainable resource. Read more about the benefits of timber on our blog here.

Unobstructed Exterior Views

One of the big benefits of bi-fold windows is their ability to create unobstructed views. This makes them a popular choice for kitchens and outdoor areas, allowing homeowners to enjoy the view of the outdoors without window frames ruining the view.

Thanks to their uninterrupted exterior views, bi-fold windows also help to create the illusion of space, especially when you install them with matching timber bi-fold doors.

Security and Protection from Bi-Fold Windows

As bi-fold windows fold up and are pushed to one side, some people may be concerned about security and insect control.

To keep your home secure, bi-fold windows generally use locks on both the edge of the window panels and the top and/or bottom of the panels. The size of your bi-fold windows will determine how many locks you need and at what points they need to be installed to maintain your home security.

Some bi-fold windows can be installed with insect screens, which is certainly handy during the summer months when the insects seem to appear out of nowhere.

Home Ventilation and Access to Natural Light

For those who love fresh air flowing through their home, bi-fold doors can be a great choice. As bi-fold windows are so versatile, they can be opened and shut in a manner that controls the amount of airflow.

One of the major benefits of bi-fold windows is the natural light they let into your home. Using bi-fold windows to fill your home with natural light can save you on energy costs from constantly turning on and off lights.

Bespoke Timber Bi-Fold Windows from Windoor

Thanks to the versatility of bi-fold windows from Windoor, each window can be customised to perfectly match and complement your home; working to fill your home with an abundance of light and fresh air while maintaining a stylish, modern look.

Visit one of our two showrooms in Sydney today to view the range of Windoor bi-fold windows for yourself or Contact Us Today.

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