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Casement Windows: A Secure, Low Maintenance Alternative

To appreciate where your home’s windows sit on the scale of high and low level security, you have to think like a thief. What may at first feel disconcerting, is going to help you see where your window’s weak points are. Then you’ll understand why we at Windoor believe casement windows are such a secure solution to almost any home.

How Are Casement Windows Safe and Secure?

So, you’re now standing out the front of your home and immediately you perceive the glass as the first point of entry for a burglar. That’s not always so. The intruder is initially looking at the most invisible point of entry, somewhere out of sight to neighbours and the street. Once they’ve found it, they want it to open easily. This is where casement windows shoot to the top of the list as a very secure window.

Designed to swing out from one side with a hinge on the other, it can only operate by using the crank handle that is built into the inside of the windowsill. Getting a hand inside to turn the crank is very, very difficult. If the casement window is shut, it’s impossible to get a hold for fingers or bars because it’s locked flush into the window frame.

Compare this to other windows, like a double-hung window that requires additional hardware to stop the window from being pushed inward and a casement window is a terrific intruder deterrent.

Reliable, Invisible Casement Window Locks

A beautiful custom-crafted wooden casement window is a stunning sight to behold but when you think about the protection it affords your family and belongings, the real beauty is what’s inside the frame. Casement locks are hook-shaped, and these hooks are embedded within the wood, making them untouchable to an external home invader.

If you’re looking to improve its impregnability again, you could request that your window manufacturer include reinforced glazing so that if the glass were struck with force, the glass breaks into a spider web-like pattern but remains intact.

Low Maintenance and a Stunning Finish

A Windoor casement window is going to give you years of lasting beauty thanks to our hand-crafted, high-quality designs. We only use solid timbers that stand up to the effects of our hard Australian climate. Our casement windows are low maintenance and easy to wipe down for that periodic clean.

Get a Free Consultation About Casement Windows

Sometimes it’s the seeing that aids believing. So if the outstanding security of a casement window sounds enticing but you’d like to see one in action, let us present a demonstration to you at our Willoughby or St Marys showrooms. You’ll see our entire range of hand-crafted windows and doors, meet with our seriously clever joinery artisans and get to play with a few windows too.

Better looking, better functioning home window security is yours to own. Give us a call as we’d love to show you how today.

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