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Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Home by Installing Awning Windows

So what’ll it be in 2019? A house that costs the earth to keep warm (or cool), or a home that actually saves you money because you added the one thing – with a very clever spin – that every home needs anyway?

Awning windows. They’re wildly popular and for a number of energy efficient reasons. Here we share the reasons why.


Energy Efficient and Beautiful

An awning window, when closed, looks like any other window. The genius is when you open one. Hinged along the top, it swings open at the bottom. This allows air to ventilate into the room while forcing inclement weather to roll off into the garden below.

They’re an energy efficient addition to any room – open or shut. Opening your awning window allows you to air out the room and keep out the rain. Closing your awning window allows you to save on heating and cooling bills and insulate from noise. This bespoke style of window will also enhance your home’s beauty – upgrade to a stunning timber finish to make your home appear more warm and inviting.


Why Choose Awning Windows?

Some windows inadvertently let unwanted heat and cool in through convection, or more simply, air drafts. The technology and design that’s gone into awning windows, and their parts, stops convection in its tracks.

Since the window sash closes by pressing against the window frame, awning windows often have a tighter seal and leak far less than many other window types. That means less costs spent making your home comfortable and less greenhouse gases emitted in the process.

Awning windows are also a brilliant addition to an area where it’s tough to access. Above a bath. Over a sink where it’s hard to reach. You can leave your awning window locked open, knowing you’re aiding cross-ventilation.

They offer privacy when placed up high or finished with frosted glass. They can include fly screens and when closed, being super air-tight, noise transmission is reduced too.


The How-to for Energy Efficiency

For truly magnificent energy efficiency with awning windows, try one or more of these options:

  • Include high performance glass, like double glazing with an Argon gas core. When combined with the full perimeter seal of a Windoor awning window, you get outstanding energy efficiency.
  • Group a number of awning windows together for a generous airflow.
  • Capture maximum natural light and airflow by placing your awning window up high.
  • Make awning window panels smaller but more numerous. This can supersede the ventilation performance of sliding, double-hung and sashless windows.


Beautifully Finished Timber Awning Windows

Windoor’s window and door craftsmen are proud of their 30-year standing as true artisans of custom designed windows and doors. Their beautifully finished timber awning windows tick all the boxes for energy efficiency, ventilation, privacy and security. Just make sure you go with their professional installation team to ensure a satisfactory long term performance.

If you think your home deserves stylish, practical and energy saving windows, congratulations on the wise decision. The next step is to contact one of Windoor’s offices at St Mary’s or Willoughby today.

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