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Make a Good Home Investment with a Solid Timber Door

Doorways symbolise the transition from one place to another, from the cold outside weather to the cosy, comforting inside of your home, or from the hustle and bustle of everyday life into time with your family in familiar surroundings.

When it comes to your entry door, first impressions count. Your entry door is the first experience people have with your home and the last thing they see when they say goodbye, so a bespoke front door is the perfect way to wow guests.

Entry doors can be bold to contrast the rest of your home, or can set the tone for your other styling and décor.

Other than aesthetic values, doors also represent the first line of security for your home, so investing in a door that provides the security you and your family need is integral.

Solid timber doors are the perfect choice for entry doors; they improve the security of your home, and are customisable and durable, made from a renewable resource that benefits both your home and the environment.

A Solid Timber Door Helps Provide Basic Security

While entry doors are a way to welcome guests into our homes, they also act as a barrier to keep intruders or unwanted guests out.

If an intruder wants to make their way into your home, they will do so through either your doors or windows – wherever they can find a weak spot. Having a hollow front door might be a cheaper option, but it also makes your home less secure.

Installing a solid timber door at the entrance and back of your home will make your home more impenetrable to would-be intruders, with the benefit of acting as a deterrent to criminals who are checking out your home.

Avoid Major Repairs

As external doors are exposed to the elements, it is important to use a material that is, by nature, resilient and strong. Timber is a popular and smart choice for those looking for durable, long-lasting doors for their home.

Hollow timber doors experience weaknesses that solid timber doors do not, as they can be easily damaged by humidity or experience cracks due to their hollow core. Solid timber doors are much heavier and their solid core means that they are more resilient to humidity and adverse weather.

Timber Door Maintenance

While solid timber doors are resilient, they do require maintenance to keep them looking and operating at their best.

Regularly inspecting the paint and finish on the door, as well as any spots where moisture may get in, will help you to prevent any swelling, splitting or warping before it becomes a major issue.

Heat and Sound Insulation

Solid timber doors also provide heat and sound insulation. The thickness of the door helps to muffle sounds from outdoors, while the timber inside the door acts as a natural insulator.

Timber’s natural insulation properties will help to maintain a comfortable temperature inside, regardless of the temperature outside.

Timber Doors and Environmental Conservation

Timber is an environmentally sustainable choice that is better for the environment than other commonly used resources. Timber is beneficial to the environment in the following ways:

  • It is produced in a sustainable way, with every harvested tree resulting in up to ten more trees planted.
  • As it is growing, timber produces oxygen and removes harmful carbon dioxide from the air. The carbon dioxide is held in the timber until the timber is burnt or destroyed.
  • Producing timber requires significantly less fossil fuels and energy than other resources.
  • Timber can be reused and recycled throughout its lifetime.

Investing in a solid timber door won’t just improve the look and feel of your home, it will provide added security and peace of mind to you and your family while lasting years into the future.

Windoor have been manufacturing bespoke solid timber doors for over 25 years, so you can trust the advice of our team of professionals.

Whether you’re building or renovating, view the options of Windoor solid timber doors today in one of our Sydney showrooms or Contact Us Today.

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