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The Easy Way to Clean Timber Windows

If you thought timber windows still required a lot of work to stay attractive, think again. Be they bi-fold, casement or gorgeous louvre windows, it’s just so easy now to keep them clean and functional. 

General Care and Maintenance of Timber Windows

Start with a vacuum of the tracks and weep holes to remove any dust and grit. Next, with a soft cloth and a mild detergent or cleaner, give the wood and glass a gentle wipe down. This is particularly rewarding with louvre windows as from the inside of your home you can clean both sides of the glass panels – and that’s the job done, front and back, even if you’re up on the second floor!

With built up dirt or grime, be patient and don’t use scrapers, abrasive cleaners or solvents – they can damage the window.

Maintenance, like cleaning, should take place every three to six months. Check the hinges for squeaks or handles for sticking. It’s best not to use an oil lubricant as this will attract dirt. Try a silicone spray.

Maintaining Timber Finishes and Coatings

Whether your timber windows are painted, stained, varnished, oiled or waxed, make sure you:

  • Reapply any protective coat using a quality product. The extra money spent at the start is worth it!
  • Stay ahead of wood splits and paint peel. If the surface looks worn, act early.
  • Apply the coating as the manufacturer intended and only to the timber. Remove any hardware prior to an application and be sure not to get any product in the tracks or seals.
  • Check if the new product is compatible with the previously applied coating.

Painted Surfaces

If the paint is in good condition, a dust pan brush or a mild detergent is all you need to clean it. If marks or mould are present, try some sugar soap.

If your paint work is cracking, a soft brush will knock away the loose flakes. Then a sand and a fresh coat of paint is in order.

Stained Surfaces

Stained wood is a true sight to behold but it does need to be reapplied every couple of years.

To clean it, revert to that mild soapy water and a cloth. Just try to not be too heavy with the water, perhaps using a spray bottle instead.

Waxed and Oiled Surfaces

Reapplying oil and wax to timber windows adds a protective barrier against the weather. Application is easy: brush or rub it on and then wipe over. To clean, use a mild detergent or soap and never, ever bleach.

Find Your Timber Windows in Sydney

No matter the amount of improvements you make, once you add solid timber windows to your home, their beauty will command that you stop and admire them often. That goes double for louvre windows that add a genuine Australian appeal and allow enough ventilation to give the air-con a rest!

Windoor has been crafting and installing timber windows around Sydney since the mid-80s. We’ve learnt our craft from the ground up and now hold an esteemed place in the elite timber window market.

When you feel ready to take your home to a new level of stunning, rest assured we can deliver it with the timber windows that will never lose their appeal. We welcome your inquiry today at our St Marys or Willoughby showrooms. Reach out now!

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