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Windoor’s values, customer care, and commitment to providing quality craftsmanship are all defined by our people. We value each and every staff member at Windoor as every individual brings their own unique yet essential skills to the team.

The dedicated and experienced Windoor support team consists of six people. We are proud to introduce you to Stuart, Ryan, John, Phill, Donald, and Lisa.


John, Stuart, and Ryan are our technical project managers and are all are qualified joiners with over 55 years experience in timber windows and doors between them.

Our technical project managers regularly meet on-site, in client offices, or in our production facility showroom to clarify and discuss details of timber species, hardware, glass types, and all the client’s needs.

Once all of the final details are determined, your project manager will produce a clear yet detailed quotation of your desired requirements for your doors and windows. All their expertise is available to you throughout the manufacturing process as well as after the completion of project.



Stuart is a tradesman specialised in joinery with many years of experience. He has a strong knowledge of federation and heritage work. This invaluable knowledge only comes from working many years in this niche field. Stuart brings great skill and expertise to Windoor that is hard to come by.


A joiner by trade, Ryan contributes a wealth of experience when it comes to making of all our custom products. Ryan has a strong understanding of timbers allowing him to provide recommendations which consider each timber’s character and look in order to create something that fits perfectly in your space. Ryan is a very experienced and hands-on team member offering a refreshing and young approach to our work.


John has worked many hours on our manufacturing floor and has years of experience. He knows the technical side of our processes and also understands how to create products that can withstand our great ever-changing Australian climate. From timber and glass to hardware that suits our day to day living – you will find all of your questions answered with John’s knowledge and expertise as a builder! Many of our customers have successfully accomplished their project goals thanks to John.


Although not a tradesman, he possesses over 20 years experience in timber windows and doors. There isn’t much he doesn’t know! Phill is a vital contributor to the team when it comes to pooling their knowledge together in order to achieve the great result we all want.


Donald is a highly-skilled tradesman with over 40 years experience. Proficient in technical drawing and drafting, Donald produces any CAD drawings that the client may require. He is also responsible for checking all our jobs for accuracy down to the smallest details before going into production. Technically, Donald leads the way to ensuring that our end result is perfect for our architects, builders, and home projects.


Lisa communicates with all of our sales and production teams to make sure everything is running smoothly and up to date. She also closely communicates with the clients to ensure they are ready to receive their products on their specified due dates. Running on time is of the utmost importance at Windoor and Lisa is a driving forced to getting it all right.

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Our Locations


1/48 Penshurst Street, Willoughby

Entrance to showroom & parking on Mowbray Road

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