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Bi-Fold Windows

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The uninterrupted views, the variable airflow, the access to natural light, the security, the look and the overall versatility; bespoke timber bi-fold windows from Windoor are a window type you will simply fall in love with.

Bi-fold timber windows have a sophisticated air to them, making them a must-have feature of your new home build or renovation.

Windoor have been manufacturing bespoke timber windows, including bi-fold windows, in Sydney for over 25 years, so you know you can trust the quality and advice from our team.


What Are Bi-Fold Windows?

Bi-fold windows have sashes that are hinged alternatively, allowing them to fold neatly to the side in an accordion fashion.

These windows provide a stylish look to both the inside and outside of your home and are typically used to connect kitchens to outdoor areas, acting as a servery to your outdoor entertaining area.


Why Choose Bi-Fold Windows for Your Home?

Other than their modern, aesthetically pleasing looks, bi-fold windows can be a great practical addition to your humble abode.

Uninterrupted Views

If you put a lot of time into your garden, you love outdoor entertaining, you want to be able to see your kids as they play outside or you have enviable views from your home, you will benefit from the addition of bi-fold windows.

As there are no frames in the middle of the glass panes, your views are truly panoramic. 

Inside Meets Outside

If your house is always full of scrumptious food, good company and laughter, bi-fold windows with wider windowsills are the perfect addition – providing a servery that gives you seamless access from the kitchen or dining room to your outdoor entertaining space.  

Natural Sunlight

A big drawcard of bi-fold windows is the sunlight and airflow they allow into your home. Making the most of natural light in your home will not only save on your electricity bill, but has benefits for your wellbeing as well! By soaking up the natural light that your bi-fold windows let in, you may experience a boost to your vitamin D levels, better sleep and mood enhancement!

Fresh Air

The versatility of bi-fold windows also means they can be opened, partially opened or shut to give you complete control of the airflow in your home.


Customising & Crafting

At Windoor, we have been creating bespoke timber windows in Sydney for over 25 years. Our technical support team treat each client as an individual, using their skills and experience to educate clients and work with them to create their own customised Windoor windows.

Within Windoor’s two Sydney showrooms, you will find an extensive range of timber windows that are durable and bespoke. However, if your ideal window is not represented, we are more than happy to help you craft your own customised timber windows.

For more information on how bi-fold windows can add value to your home, check out our blog here



We understand how important it is to clients to shop around and compare quality and prices, which is why the Windoor team go above and beyond to provide a quote that truly represents the clients dreams, wants and needs.

To accommodate the different lifestyles and needs of our clients, Windoor can provide quotes in the following ways:

  • Online;
  • Meeting clients offsite/at their homes; or
  • In one of our showrooms.

We recommends for clients to come into one of our showrooms to see how we make the windows. It also allows our clients view the products in person, get better feel for what they’re buying, feel and smell the wood and ask any question that springs to mind in the moment!


Bespoke Timber Windows in Sydney by Windoor

At Windoor, we take pride in creating bespoke timber windows that are durable and made from the highest quality solid timber.

Contact our team of friendly, knowledgeable and professional technicians today to book an appointment, or pop into one of the Windoor showrooms to see our range of timber bi-fold windows.


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