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Casement windows are not a new design; in fact, they have been around since medieval times and were the earliest form of movable window! Perfect for heritage restorations or to add some character, these windows bring a touch of class and old-time elegance to your home. As the leaders in bespoke timber windows in Sydney, the team at Windoor should be your first port of call for all your timber window and door needs!

What Are Casement Windows & What Are The Benefits?

Though casement windows have a long history, they are anything but outdated! The most popular form of these beautiful timber windows open outwards, ensuring you have maximum space in your home. Casement windows can be similar to awning windows in that some casement windows open using a cranking mechanism. However, the major difference is that casements are hinged at the side, while awnings are hinged at the top. For those who aren’t a fan of the crank mechanism on their windows, casement windows also come in a “push out” style, which allows homeowners to push the windows open. Some other benefits of these windows are:


Thanks to their side-on design, casement windows can be a great way to improve airflow into your home, acting like a chute to funnel air in. As casement windows open vertically, they catch far more air than some of their counterparts, making for a great alternative to using your air conditioning for hours each day. 

Easy to Operate

Casement windows are a smart choice for spots in your home that may be hard to access, such as above kitchen benches or behind furniture in bedrooms or living areas. With the easy-to-use crank to open the windows, you don’t have to worry about awkwardly reaching around and straining yourself just to get a window open.

Weather Tight and Energy Efficient

If you’re looking for a window that keeps weather out, you should opt for a casement window! The seals on a casement window seal tight against the casement sash, keeping out moisture and adverse weather. This tight seal also increases the energy efficiency of your home, as the seal prevents any inside air from escaping and any outside air from creeping in.

Customising & Crafting

Picking the perfect window for your home can be difficult, especially when you have so many different aspects to consider. With 25 years experience crafting bespoke timber windows, our technical support team will use their skills and experience to truly educate clients on all their options. Once you have decided on your ideal Windoor window style, you can make a choice from our samples of timber windows, or our team can help you to customise and craft your bespoke timber window from scratch.  


Providing a quote to our clients couldn’t be easier; we work with you to truly understand your needs and can provide you a quote in the following ways:
  • Online;
  • In person – one of our team can meet you at your home to discuss your timber window and door needs; and
  • In the showroom.
We recommend for all our clients to come into one of our showrooms in Sydney to see the extensive Windoor range first hand. In the Windoor showrooms, you can see how the windows are made, view the products in person, get better feel for what you’re buying, feel and smell the wood and ask as many questions as you like.  

NB Stained Glass features of Windoor Products are supplied and fitted by others.

To view images of Casement Windows click here To download a tech sheet for casement windows click here To download a tech sheet for casement  windows with Colonial Bars click here  

Bespoke Timber Windows in Sydney by Windoor

Casement windows are a great option for many, providing a historic feel that can be stylishly incorporated into modern homes. Visit one of the Windoor showrooms in Sydney to see our range of timber sliding doors for yourself, or contact the skilled technicians at Windoor to receive your quote today! Get a Free Quote
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