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Double Hung Windows

Craft Your Double Hung Windows with Windoor Today

While you may not have heard the term ‘double hung window’ before, you have definitely seen one! Double hung windows are one of the most popular window types on the market.

Not all windows are made equal though; with any window or door for your home, you want it to be built with the highest quality materials and be made to last.

The timber window creations from Windoor are a cut above the rest! 

For all your timber window and door needs, trust Windoor, the team of professionals with over 25 years of experience creating bespoke timber masterpieces in Sydney.


What Are Double Hung Windows & What Are The Benefits?

Double hung windows are windows with two sashes inside a single frame that slide up or down over one another. With a simple, yet sophisticated look, these windows coordinate well with the style of many traditional and modern homes.

If you are in the market to replace your homes current windows or you are building your first home, double hung windows may be a great choice for you.

With double hung windows, you can open either one sash at a time or both, however only half the total size of the window is left open in both of these scenarios.


You will find double hung windows in many homes across Australia because they are so versatile. Double hung windows come in a variety of timber types, sizes and shapes, making them truly customisable to suit your home.

The double hung window design lends itself to fly-screen installation to allow that beautiful spring or summer breeze in while keeping the creepy crawlies out.

If you want to install a window air conditioning unit in your home, double hung windows are also an ideal choice, with the window sashes able to move up and down to accommodate the unit.

Energy Efficiency

Their older counterparts may not be quite as energy efficient, but when you buy from the current Windoor range of double hung windows, you know you are getting windows that can reduce electricity use associated with heating and cooling.

With the sashes closed, you can keep the inside temperature of your home comfortable year-round.

Ease of Cleaning

Many new double hung windows are easy to clean, with upper and lower sashes that tilt. This means there is no excuse not to clean both the interior and exterior of the window.

With the ease of maintenance and cleaning, you will find your double hung windows will last longer.


Customising & Crafting

The team at Windoor are exceptionally proud of the planning, design and craftsmanship that go into each and every bespoke timber window and door in the Windoor range.

When you come to one of our Windoor showrooms, you can look through our sample selection and we can help you to create your own custom piece!

We are passionate about creating timber windows and doors that our clients will love, so you can be assured our technical support team will use their skills and experience to work with you to create your ideal bespoke Windoor windows.



When it comes to quoting on products from our range, as well as crafting custom products, we offer a few different quoting methods.

Our professional team can provide quotes online, or you can pick a time and place where we can meet you to discuss your timber window and door needs.

The preferred method for quoting is in one of our Sydney showrooms, where our professional team can walk you through the window-making process, show you the raw materials and run you through our products.

Regardless of how you want to receive your quote, the Windoor team are always willing to answer any questions you have. 


Bespoke Timber Windows in Sydney by Windoor

Whether you’re in the market for double hung windows, casement windows, bi-fold windows, or something else, Windoor can create windows to suit your needs.

Our Windoor showrooms in Sydney are the perfect place to view the range of timber windows and doors for yourself. Contact the professionals at Windoor to receive your quote today!



NB Stained Glass features of Windoor Products are supplied and fitted by others.

To view images of Double Hung Windows click here

To download a tech sheet for double hung windows click here

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