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Double Hung Windows

A traditional icon of the Australian home, the double hung window has always been chosen because of its functionality. The double hung window incorporates vertically sliding sashes within a frame. Traditionally both sashes are able to slide giving more control over the amount of air being let in while encouraging air circulation within the room. Double hung windows can be made in a number of ways. These include weights and cords, counter balance, spiral balances or concealed balances. The latter enable the sashes to be easily removed for painting or cleaning. Ask one of our staff for more information. All double hung windows from Windoor have seals to ensure that the windows do not rattle or allow air or moisture in when closed. They also help prevent heat loss in winter. Both sashes are made from the larger sized traditional timber sections. NB Stained Glass features of Windoor Products are supplied and fitted by others. To view images of Double Hung Windows click here To download a tech sheet for double hung windows click here

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